Wilderness Therapy Program | New York Troubled Teens

Summit Achievement has helped families in New York deal with issues related to troubled teens since 1996. We’ve worked to help to foster lasting change for students and families from New York using our residential treatment, classroom academics, and outdoor adventures in an evidence-based and clinically-driven community.

Our Program Design & Geographical Setting

Wilderness Therapy For Troubled Teen Programs New YorkSummit Achievement combines the best features of a wilderness program and special-needs boarding school by integrating a residential milieu and traditional academic instruction with outdoor adventure-based therapy.

The Summit campus in Maine provides:

  • 54 picturesque acres in the Maine western mountains
  • Cold River Lodge: a 5,500 square foot facility serves as our campus hub, containing dining space, relaxation and event space, laundry facilities, administrative and counseling space, and a commercial kitchen
  • Academic Center fully equipped for educational instruction with 3,500 sq. ft. of classroom, clinical, and medical space
  • Comfortable, furnished 4 bedroom cabins with common area and Direct Care staff present

A Therapy Program Focused On Academics

Summit Achievement’s blended learning approach to academics integrate face-to-face teacher-facilitated instruction, a computer-mediated curriculum, and self-study with the same therapeutic support used in other parts of the program. Summit’s academic curriculum, developed by Blueprint Education, provides a wide range of courses at both the middle and high school levels. All credits earned are fully transferable to public or private schools.

Students enroll in 3-4 individually selected courses based on their course of study prior to admission. The courses they are enrolled in while at Summit allow them to earn a half-credit in each subject upon completion of the course in full.

How Does Summit Compare To Boarding Schools In New York?

Therapeutic treatment and wilderness therapy programs can often be compared or confused with boarding schools. In New York for instance, we often hear questions from parents about Therapy West, Green Chimneys School, Storm King School, and Robert Louis Stevenson School.

We are similar in many ways and also different.

The core difference in our approach, setting, and focus is Summit Achievement’s program model is unique and we are short term in duration.  Summit combines the impactful adventure activities found in wilderness programs with a strong academic program and therapeutic community that is usually featured in therapeutic boarding schools.

Wilderness therapy programs for Troubled Teens in New YorkNew York Family Inclusion

The Summit Achievement therapist serves as the primary contact and communication liaison between student and parent.  This master’s level therapist is responsible for fully integrating the student’s parents into their treatment process.

Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the campus three times:

  • On the day the teen enrolls
  • Mid-way through the program for an overnight visit
  • On the day the teen is discharged


We know you’ll have questions and we want to be helpful in getting you the information you need to make an informed decision about your child and your family. If you have any questions about the programs, application process, or any aspect of our organization, please contact our Admissions Director Shannon Palentchar through the Admissions Office by phone (207) 447-9450 or through our inquiry form.