Why Summit Achievement Recommends parents hire a Therapeutic Educational Consultant

Therapeutic Educational Consultants are professionals who assist parents in finding the right therapeutic and/or academic setting for their adolescent or young adults before, and after, Summit Achievement.  Summit recommends parents hire a Therapeutic Educational Consultant in order to help ensure that a parent has access to the most up to date information about schools and programs for aftercare planning.   Enlisting a consultant at the beginning of a students’ stay at Summit helps keep parents informed of all the options that are available after Summit.

Therapeutic Educational Consultants, are most likely members of the following associations:

To be a member of either of these organizations educational consultants must adhere to ethical standards to help ensure unbiased and objective advice to parents and are not receiving any sort of compensation or quid pro quo from programs.  Professionals associated with these two organization attend conferences and trainings to keep up to date on best practices.

Therapeutic Educational Consultants regularly visit programs (like Summit) to keep up to date on any changes that may occur.  Some therapeutic educational consultants have worked in therapeutic programs in the past and many have advanced mental health degrees, certifications and training. Summit recommends that parents interview several Therapeutic Consultants to find out how they work with families as well as how they charge for their services.

If you do not have an educational consultant and are considering Summit or you are currently a parent of a student at Summit please ask our Admissions Director or your child’s assigned clinician and they will give you a list of therapeutic consultants in your area.