Liam Byrer, BS, Academic Director

Liam grew up in central Massachusetts and experienced a variety of educational settings as a young person. This helped him to discover a diversity of learning environments and approaches. Over time he recognized that he aligned most with educational values rooted in nature, adventure, and experiential learning. This discovery has impacted his pursuits- first in his own higher education and later in his career!

Liam holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire in Outdoor Education. He has been involved with Summit Achievement since 2013.  He’s held many roles at Summit, serving first as a field guide. He went on to become Shift Coordinator, Field Director, and Teacher.  Liam is currently the Academic Director here at Summit. 

Liam works with students and families to create individualized academic plans and supports the academic department in implementing them. Liam has always felt strongly that a lasting education arises from a healthy mix of vulnerability, stress, and support through positive relationships with teachers and peers. He strives to create and maintain a safe and individually challenging academic environment for each student. He considers it a success if the classroom experience at Summit fosters self-awareness, accountability,  and positive self-esteem. 

Liam is an avid skier and rock climber. When he’s not at Summit you’ll likely find him exploring the backcountry ravines and cliffs of the White Mountains.

Learn more about Liam here.