My child went to a wilderness program a few years ago and then on to a therapeutic school. They recently started to struggle again and my consultant has recommended they attend your program for a “refresher.” How is this experience going to be different from the last?

It is likely that your consultant recommended Summit Achievement specifically because it will offer a unique and different experience unlike any other your child has experienced so far. Our unique hybrid model combines weekly adventure-based wilderness expeditions with time on our residential campus and in the classroom each week. This model will help your child transfer those skills more easily to a traditional environment. Our trips into the wilderness are based on an expedition model and focus on modern outdoor skills and accomplishments, instead of focusing on the primitive skills taught in many traditional wilderness programs. Your child will likely have a very different type of wilderness experience here at Summit Achievement and will learn coping mechanisms and techniques to take home, should they determine that the time spent in the wilderness has a positive personal value.  They will also be communicating with you on a weekly basis through family therapy so that we can continue to work together to help maximize this experience and transfer both new and old skills.