My child has been in therapy for several years now and it hasn’t been very effective. How will this be different?

At Summit Achievement, your child’s therapist will do much more than meet in an office for an hour once a week. The therapist will get to see your child in a range of elements on campus and in the wilderness. The therapist works as part of a Treatment Team that collaborates for the greater good of each student. As a team we have the privilege of seeing your child interact with peers on campus, on phone calls with you, and in a classroom as a student and learner. We will get to see how they handle the adversity of a challenging hike and the reward of a beautiful view at the top of a mountain. With all of this information, your child’s therapist will have so much more to work with, including a clear assessment of what makes your child thrive as well as what challenges them. Most importantly, the therapist will have a relationship with your child that is built on trust and understanding.  All of this will help to make the therapeutic process more productive and rewarding for your child.