My child is afraid of being cold. Your program is in Maine. What should I tell them?

Depending on the season, it is true that your child might get to experience both the pleasures and challenges of Maine in the cold. Summit will provide all students with exceptionally warm, premium layers and boots, along with a sleeping bag rated to the highest degree of warmth for the season.  Students are taught the appropriate layering techniques for optimal effectiveness and will be guided at all times by trained professionals.  We want our students to be safe, dry, and warm whenever possible.  Summit has access to heated shelters for those nights that get extremely cold, windy, or wet while on expedition. These shelters come complete with a raised wooden floor and a wood burning stove, allowing students to stay nice and toasty!

Expeditions are 4 days and 3 nights long.  Upon returning to campus students are able to take a hot shower, do laundry and sleep in their campus bed in a modern heated cabin.  For 4 nights and 3 days of the week, students come in from the backcountry and regroup, warm up and live on our fully equipped residential campus.