How will Summit help my child gain self-esteem?

Your child will have the amazing opportunity to accomplish new goals and gain a strong sense of self satisfaction while at Summit Achievement. Positive self-esteem is fostered through a strong sense of self-worth and from the accomplishment that comes from hard work and overcoming challenges. While on expedition your child will climb to the top of many mountains and experience the joy of reaching the summit. They will push through the discomforts of being in an unfamiliar environment and learn how to create their own comfort and safety. Back on campus, they will move forward with academic goals and work closely with their therapist to foster a stronger sense of self. Coping skills will be taught to help combat negative emotions and to push through adversity. To make sure your child doesn’t overlook their own growth, we gather each week as a community and recognize students for their accomplishments and movement through the levels throughout the week. By the time your child finishes the program, they will have many reasons to feel that they can do whatever they put their mind to.