My child is a “master manipulator.” How do you know they won’t just go through the motions of your program(in other words, mind their P’s and Q’s and focus on going through the levels) and come home completely unchanged?

Great question! Your child will be with us 24/7 for 6 to 10 weeks. This will provide us with the opportunity to see how they operate in many different facets of day to day life: in school, their social skills, handling adversity on a hard hike or test, and communicating with family. Eventually your child will be challenged and the behaviors and emotions you have seen at home will come out. That is a good thing! It gives us the opportunity to help our students work on different coping skills and appropriate responses to things going on in life. Keep in mind that with two decades of experience, we are very good at recognizing therapeutically what is going on with a student beyond the surface level they try to show us. It’s what we do!