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Safe Struggles at Summit Achievement

  The following Summit Blog Post is the lightly edited transcripts of the Autism and Neurodiversity Podcast hosted by Jason and Debbie Grygla. This episode is with Nichol Ernst, our executive director, in which he talks about how Summit Achievement works with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Non-Verbal Learning Disorders.  To listen to […]

Empowering Young Women: The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy For Teen Girls

By Caitlyn Cook, LCPC, ATR-BC, Clinical Director of Summit Achievement                Read the below blog post or watch this new video with Caitlyn talking about the benefits of wilderness therapy for teen girls.     When you find your adolescent daughter struggling with anxiety and depression, your first thought […]

Summit Achievement and Traverse-The Value of Our Continuum of Care Model

In this video Nichol Ernst, LCSW, Executive Director, Co-Owner of Summit Achievement reviews the value of our model.  Watch the video or scroll below for a summary. We are an owner-operated residential treatment program with a wilderness component that has been continuously operating since 1996.  Here is a link for more about our history. Our […]

Wilderness, a catalyst for change in treatment

By Mike DeLuca, LCSW Since the days of vision quests in the wild by First Nation youth, or much later in the 1960s when the Colorado Outward Bound School first started using wilderness to foster resiliency, character, and compassion in American youth, humans have sought out wild places for catalysts for change and transformation.  Why […]

Self-Care For Parents: As Important As Caring For Your Teen

By Mike Deluca LCSW, Therapist – Summit Achievement Ever since I entered the “helping profession” I have heard the mantra “You can’t adequately care for others if you haven’t cared for yourself.” I remember learning this mantra when I was 15 years old while training for my first job as a lifeguard.  It made sense […]

Worried about growing anxiety and depression in your teen?

Anxiety is challenging for young people and their families and Summit Achievement is here to help. We know that many productive, engaged, and happy children can become withdrawn and sullen to the point of not being able to leave their house or their rooms by the time they reach their teens due to anxiety and […]

COVID-19 Precautions & Protocols

Here is a resource outlining how we are handling program operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-evolving situation here at Summit Achievement. While our campus is quite isolated up here in Maine, we are very aware of the risk of COVID-19 finding its way onto our campus. While we cannot eliminate all risks of […]

Boston 25 Feature

Summit Achievement was recently highlighted in a news feature on Boston Channel 25. Watch the full video here.

Summit Achievement in the Winter!

Summit Achievement has been continuously operating in the White Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire since 1996. The program has a long history of helping troubled teens and their families find success in every season. It can be seen as a challenge to have a young person attend a wilderness treatment program in winter, but […]