Our Mission

To foster lasting change for students and families using residential treatment, classroom academics, and outdoor adventures in an evidence-based and clinically-driven community.solo view

To accomplish this mission, we incorporate the following principals:

  • Expeditions are focused on safety, adventure, accomplishment, teamwork, leadership, accountability, life skills, FUN, and the enjoyment of nature
  • Academics are an integral part of our program as it provides additional assessment and helps students keep pace or recover credit while also building valuable skills needed for a successful transition back to a traditional learning environment
  • Family involvement and communication is a crucial part of our program as we feel this better prepares our students to return home
  • Level System: Equipping students with valuable information and goals to empower them to make positive choices and move at their own pace
  • Rewards based: Recognizing students for achievements and effort
  • Moving between the backcountry and the residential campus each week allows students to practice healthy transitions while also bringing their lessons from the expeditions back to a traditional environment for more tangible application